CViauto won the ISO26262:2018 road vehicles functional safety process certificate

On July 13, 2022, CViauto was awarded the ISO26262:2018 functional safety process Certificate (the highest ASIL level is d) issued by TÜV North Germany.


In August 2021, CViauto launched the construction of ISO26262:2018 functional safety system. After eight months of construction activities, in April 2022, the TÜV North Germany expert group conducted a comprehensive assessment of the ISO26262 functional safety system of the CViauto, and completed the final assessment and confirmation at the end of May. The ISO26262 process certificate was approved and issued by TÜV North Germany headquarters (Germany). This shows that CViauto has established a complete functional safety system, which is sufficient to meet the functional safety requirements of future products.


At the same time, the training of functional safety professionals within CViauto has also made a breakthrough. In June 2022, it passed the qualification certification of seven functional safety engineers, which has reserved enough professionals for subsequent functional safety activities.

About ISO26262

ISO26262 is a "functional safety" standard related to automobile electrical / electronics. This standard was formulated in November 2011, and the second edition was released in 2018, with semiconductor guidance added. This standard calculates the failure risk of automobile electronic control in advance, and embeds the mechanism to reduce the risk into the system as part of the function, so as to realize the standardized development process of "functional safety". The object of ISO26262 standard covers the whole vehicle development life cycle from vehicle concept to system, ECU (electronic control unit), embedded software, component development and related production, maintenance and scrapping.

In recent years, the automotive industry has begun to implement functional safety. And functional safety has been paid more and more attention in more and more complex automotive systems. At present, all OEMs in Europe require functional safety; OEM vehicle manufacturers in the United States have been studying how to implement functional safety; Asian OEMs (Toyota, Hyundai, Geely, etc.) have also clearly required functional safety. Functional safety and aspire have basically become the general knowledge and standards of the current automotive industry.

02. About CViauto

Guangzhou Liuhuan Information Technology Co., Ltd. (CViauto), located in the first industrial park of CVTE, Science City, Huangpu District, Guangzhou, is a leading supplier (Tier1) providing automotive digital cockpit display assembly.

The company is committed to creating the ultimate driving experience. Its products include on-board information entertainment system, digital LCD meters, intelligent cockpit and new generation display technology products. It took the lead in studying mobile phone interconnection technology in China. In 15 and 20 years, it passed the official certification of wired and wireless apple Carplay and Google Android Auto in China, and has now provided products and solutions for many automobile enterprises.

So far, CViauto has established ISO9001:2015 / IATF16949:2016 / ASPIRE / ISO26262:2018 and GB / TÜV 29490:2013 systems, and its overall R & D strength, intellectual property compliance and quality assurance capacity have been significantly enhanced.